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the fitness skeptic is a blog that takes a critical look at the health and fitness industry.

in it I'll examine the claims, products, practises and commonly held beliefs and SCRUTINISE the evidence.

My aim is to separate what is true from what is not and encourage fitness consumers and fitness professionals to become skeptics. 

I’ll take no prisoners when it comes to criticising the scam artist or highlightling the bogus but I’ll also give credit where credit is due.

Welcome to the fitness skeptic

What is Skepticism?

Most people don't know what Skepticism is or what being a Skeptic entails. So here are a few pointers to help you out. 

Let's start with what skepticism is not and with a few things people often wrongly associate with skepticism:

  1. Skepticism is not the same as cynicism.  
  2. Skeptics aren't people who don't trust things.
  3. Skepticism is not about being negative.
  4. It's not about being dogmatic.
  5. It's not about being closed minded.
  6. It's not about debunking things.
  7. Skepticism is not a position someone has or takes.   

So what is Skepticism?

It's a method.....

Skepticism is a method of examining the world from the perspective of science. Skeptics don't accept anything at face value. Skeptics apply reason and critical thinking to determine the validity of any and all ideas. They reserve judgement until evidence from validated testing is presented and evaluated and base their opinions on the examination of that evidence.

The Skeptics fundamental tenet is the scientific method.

Closed minded?

Skeptics often get a bad rap for being closed minded. However this couldn't be further from the truth. You could quite easily argue that Skeptics are as open minded as it is possible to be as they will accept the truth of any claim as long as evidence for that claim is satisfactorily presented. A skeptic would accept that up is down and down is up as long as it could be demonstrated. However you'll get short shrift if you can't present any evidence. 

Why am I a skeptic?

My personal position as a skeptic was born out of an inherent wish to differentiate between truth and fiction and by an interest in science.  I studied sports science at Sheffield University and was tutored by some exceptional professors. They honed my scientific bent and gave me the tools to be the skeptic I am today.  

As a fitness professional I want to highlight invalid and unsupported health and fitness ideas/products and direct people towards ideas/products that are evidence based and beneficial.  I'd also like to think that along the way I could make people a little more skeptical themselves.  We shall see......

How to spot a snake oil salesman.

How to be a Fitness Skeptic