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the fitness skeptic is a blog that takes a critical look at the health and fitness industry.

in it I'll examine the claims, products, practises and commonly held beliefs and SCRUTINISE the evidence.

My aim is to separate what is true from what is not and encourage fitness consumers and fitness professionals to become skeptics. 

I’ll take no prisoners when it comes to criticising the scam artist or highlightling the bogus but I’ll also give credit where credit is due.

Welcome to the fitness skeptic

Donald Trump thinks exercise is bad for you......SAD!

We all know that Donald Trump is an imbecile. His idiocy even trumps (sorry!) George W Bush and that's saying something! We know he's anti science, a climate change denier and doesn't give a shit about the environment. It's not surprising then that he also has some rather bizarre views on exercise.

Energiser bunnies

An article about Trump in The New Yorker this week stated;

"other than golf, he (Trump) considers exercise as misguided, arguing that a person, like a battery is born with a finite amount of energy"

This sentiment was confirmed when he apparently told one of his casino execs who was training for an Ironman Triathlon that he would die young because of it?!

So let me get this straight.....the president of the United States, amongst his other strange and unfounded beliefs, thinks that the human body is like a battery, which has a finite amount of energy and if you exercise, you tap into this precious energy resource meaning a shorter life? WOW! 

What about golf you idiot?

It's strange however that Trump doesn't think golf is exercise but then if you've got the brain capacity of a turnip it's not surprising you can't rationalise these things.

For the record, although golf isn't a particularly physically demanding sport, it does have a MET value (which is a score for energy requirements) of 4. This means that whilst playing golf you're expending about 4 times as much energy as you would be if you were sitting down doing nothing. This adds up to about 330kcals an hour. Now given that the average round of golf (18 holes) takes about 4 hours, this adds up to about 1320kcals per round which is actually a significant amount of energy. So if Trumps lunatic hypothesis about exercise were true he'd be eating quite quickly into his battery and we could expect his untimely death quite soon considering the amount of golf he seems to play. Regrettably for the world however, his hypothesis isn't true and I suspect he uses a golf cart anyway!

The results are in

Now you don't need to be a skeptic or fitness expert to know that Trumps ideas about exercise are absurd to say the least but let's have some fun anyway. 

After a quick search on Google Scholar;

The number of articles published about the benefits of exercise:

613,000- Which is, as Trump would say 'A very very tremendous amount'.

Number of articles published about the human bodies battery like energy storage system:

0 - Which is I'm afraid 'SAD'

Unfortunately I think that outside of twitter, Trumps ability to use a computer is probably as limited as his vocabulary so he won't be checking these facts for himself soon. 

Fitness Skeptic Score

The FSS for Donald Trumps hypothesis that the human body is like a battery?

You've guessed it:

A score which is even smaller than his tiny IQ ;-)




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