Whether you're a casual observer, regular consumer or professional within the health and fitness industry, I want to make it easier for you to decide where to put your money or what to believe. To this end when approriate I’ll use the ‘Fitness Skeptic Score' or FSS for short to rate a product, claim or idea.

The FSS is a sliding scale of evidence from 0 to 10. The closer something is to 10 the more evidence there is to support it.

Here's what the scale looks like:  

The Fitness Skeptic Score


And here's what the scores means:

0- Absolute Woo: No credible evidence whatsoever to support this claim, product or idea.  

2.5- Most Probably Woo: Very little in the way of credible evidence.

5- Not sure about this: Requires further study before conclusions can be made either way.

7.5- Most probably true: A good deal of credible evidence strongly suggests this claim, product or idea is valid.

10- It's Science Jim! Loads of strong and published evidence support this claim, product or idea.